Soul thoughts

My story isn’t demanding.

Let’s just have a  little to heart to heart on this statement.

I totally understand. My story doesn’t feel demanding either…not worthy of headlines and attention…Nothing seemingly epic about my life or business. Seems like an average life to me! (I’m sensing a lot of nodding heads and mmhmms.)

I hate those ice breaker games when they want you to say something really cool about yourself. Go crazy and wow the crowd! My big opportunity to have the spot light and a tiara. My mind goes blank except remembering I slid down a Glacier in Montana on the 4th of July years ago. Uh. Fail. I mean, that’s cool and all, but roughing up my back side on frozen precipitation in the summer isn’t anything to win hearts.

Yep, I’d love for the story of my life to be demanding too.

But there’s no shortage of epic stories in our world.

There’s a shortage of epic people, demanding people. That’s what we really want.

Bring on epic. Not in stories, but in men and women.


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