Do. Conquer. Grow.

I stole it from here. Get there as fast as you can. I can’t capitalize on that post (the link) as it relates to Do. Conquer. Grow. so I’m just going to promote the heck out of it.

My first read through the post, I found my energy rising. You will too. It’s so true – Say “Yes!,” commit and then figure out how to get the work done.

18 months ago while talking with a friend about his business problems, I came up with a solution to those issues… a software solution.  WHY ON EARTH I said, “I’ll build that for you” still baffles me because I didn’t know anything about software at the time, but it’s exactly what Josh Isaak talks about in his blog post. I committed before I knew how to deliver.

Once we commit we send our brain into overdrive to figure out how to make good on our “yes.” That “yes” signed me up for a better life than I ever imagined.

Do. Conquer. Grow. Thanks for such an inspiring post, Josh!


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