Just for the heck of it

I love my gas station

I love my gas station, Kwik Fill. Or rather I really appreciate the people that frequent my gas station.

My favorite feature of this gas station is the lack of structured parking. There are no rules for parking. None. As you can see by the photo, you can park any place in any direction.

The parked cars are often left running while the owners make a quick run in to grab milk, beer or windshield washer fluid. At the very least there’s a set of keys in the ignition.

This gas station lacks structure and may not seem “safe” to many, but I see it a bit differently. We treat each other’s property as we’d like our property to be treated, and we move freely with each other. A beautiful thing we’ve cultivated at our local gas station.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 5.46.21 PM

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