Soul thoughts

On the lovers of the world.

Some people are catalysts of love. They ignite and initiate communication and generosity that sets love in motion. The thing that drives them more than anything is making sure the people around them feel loved, cared about and supported.

[Take your sighs now because I’m about to shed light on the dark side of these beautiful


She was crying and said, “I don’t want to want to love people anymore. It hurts too much. It hurts to love people.” I had no answers.

For the catalysts of love in the world, they have a heightened perception of other’s needs and take time to actually do something about it. Imagine the love catalyst’s sadness and frustration when their time, energy and efforts fall flat.

They write a card that’s never acknowledged.

They make a call only to hear an annoyed voice on the other end.

They send a thoughtful email or message with a short and obligatory reply.

It hurts. It hurts to love people. And for these catalysts of love, they can do no other. They have to keep loving others to be true to themselves, regardless of being acknowledged or appreciated. They’ll spend the years of their life giving from a love well that never runs dry, but never feels full either.

If you tend to be one that reciprocates love rather than being the catalyst of it, can we do the lovers of the world a huge favor by recognizing their efforts? It wasn’t haphazardly that the card came, that the phone call came, that the email came, that the message came, that they sent a post card, that they bought a gift, that they stopped by with a hug and an encouraging word.

Their love and attention was set on you for many minutes and hours before you knew of it, dear one. What beautiful gifts to the world, these catalysts of love. Acknowledge them.

Better yet, learn from them.


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