Snugs and hugs

“Aunt Mose, will you hang out with me today?” (Little)


[Fast forward to hanging out in the backyard and catching frogs in the pond…]

End of the evening conversation…

“Did you have fun hanging out with Aunt Mose?” (parent)

“No” (Little)

[I’m thinking – What?!]

“Well, what did you want to do with Aunt Mose while you were hanging out that you didn’t get to do?” (parent)

“Hug.” (Little)

Right. Her love language! What she really meant to ask in the morning was if her Aunt Mose love tank could be filled, and by that she meant, could she and I hug and snuggle? It wasn’t about time. Hanging out was really about hugs.

It would be sad to think what would have happened if we missed this opportunity to clarify what she really needed from me. Thankfully, this Little will be set for life with snugs and hugs.

It begs the question – who is asking for some hang out time with you when they’re really asking for something else?

snugs and hugs

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