Feel like life has taken you into the boxing ring?

Sometimes we get pulled into the arena and feel like it’s a battle to survive.
“Have you ever heard about Mike Tyson and how he was such a dominating force. No one could beat him. He knocked out everyone within 3 rounds. So the first guy who ever beat Tyson realized one thing when he was training and prepping for the fight…if he just could last those first 3 rounds, he might have a chance at beating Tyson. He might be able to outlast the mighty Tyson’s endurance. So his whole strategy was just to survive the first three rounds. He knew there was a time to swing and a time to play defense.

It’s okay when we are on the ropes to just guard against body shots and survive the round. Our dips are us on the ropes. Know that we’re doing everything we are suppose to by just guarding those body shots. We’re doing everything any titan would do on the ropes emotionally – surviving the round, knowing in no time we’ll be coming out of the corner guns blazing, about to crush everything in sight.” -M.C. Johnson

Because sometimes we need those closest to us to remind us that surviving the round and guarding against body shots is giving it our best for that day.


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