Soul thoughts

14 minutes to fall apart

Earlier this year I was going through ugliness. I was defeated. I broke down in tears and exhaustion on my kitchen floor and sobbed. I just couldn’t do life anymore.

I looked at the clock. I had 17 minutes until my next call. 14 minutes to fall apart, 3 minutes to get myself back together.

I fell apart for 14 minutes and got off my kitchen floor, put myself back together with the 3 minutes left.

I got on that call, which was a webinar with 50+ people.

I won’t easily forget this story because it was sheer will power, discipline and love that got me off my floor. And every part of me wanted to stay a mess.

But on the other side of those 17 minutes were people, many people, who needed the information and experience I had. I could deliver it. I didn’t need to be in top shape. I just needed to show up and care more about them for that hour than me. 

Show up. Show up when you need to. If you can’t show up for yourself, show up for others.

show up

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