Just for the heck of it

How do you handle worst case scenarios?

If trained well, the brain kicks into solution mode and stays emotionally calm while working through stresses. This is far more effective than getting emotionally hijacked. That not only inhibits the brain from thinking, but it makes everyone uncomfortable around us.

I had my purse stolen today…including my wallet and phone. Kinda leaves a lady feeling vulnerable and helpless…especially since I’m traveling and don’t have ID to make it through airport security.

How does one get some form of ID to get on a plane to come home when everything has been stolen. Call the police. One police report later and USAirways will be happy to have me on board. Yeah, it took a bit longer and it was a hassle, but mentally I stayed the course of what was most important to get taken care of with everything that was lost and checked things off one by one.

Hey, this isn’t so bad. Not something I want to do every day, but working these muscles every now and then is good.

I hope you find the same in chaos.


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