How she landed a meeting with the CEO of Inc. Magazine and Fast Company

A friend of mine recently had a meeting with the CEO of Inc. magazine and Fast Company.

This is how it happened:

Met him at an event and introduced herself… talked 2 minutes

Bought his book

Read his book

Followed up via email with a couple questions about the book

Emailed him and said, “like what you’re doing, not sure if I can help you at all, but if so, let me know.” (added value)

He connected her to his assistant

She communicated with the assistant enough to build rapport and a small friendship

Reached back out to the CEO to see if she could have 10 minutes to ask a few more questions about his book

Sent him a random note – a quote she found to encourage him (added value)

Set up a call

Mailed him an envelope with a tea and coffee packet since they couldn’t be in person (personal touch)

Talked for 8 minutes (happily and let him off the call the second he needed to go)

Followed up with him from the call and told him what she was going to do with the info he gave during the 8 minutes

Right before traveling to the city on other business she emailed him to see if she could stop in and say hello

He agreed to meet her in the lobby

They met in the lobby, he gave a tour of the company and they went to lunch.

1.5 hours on the clock with the CEO of Inc Mag and Fast Company.

This isn’t a strategy to follow.

These aren’t step-by-step instructions.

This a great example of someone appreciating someone else, valuing them for who they are and realizing their own value to add.

Powerful people recognize other powerful people with no distinction to age, gender or race.

Be real and give value everywhere you go. You never know with whom you’ll have lunch.

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