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Plan B

There’s a fine line between having backup plans and making double plans for every aspect of your life.

There’s a difference in things for which you want a backup plan vs. the things for which you need a backup plan. Know the difference and spend your energy accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Great post. What is something you wouldn’t want a backup plan for? What is something you may want to consider a back up plan on? I would love to hear your thoughts/elaboration!

    1. What is something I wouldn’t want a backup plan for? Where to go to dinner if the first choice doesn’t work out…the place is packed and the wait is too long. Some people make dinner plans and spend just as much time making plan B dinner plans. There are 100 great restaurants in every city. If the first plan doesn’t work out, how bad could a “random” place be?

      What is something I’d want to have a backup plan on? If I plan to do a certain task on a given day during a given block of time, if there’s a chance of that plan getting disrupted, I think having a backup plan to put in action is a great idea…then something gets accomplished. 🙂

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