Soul thoughts

I wrote out a list of everything I don’t like about my life.

I recently wrote out a list of everything I don’t like about my life. The purpose wasn’t to wallow about it, but to get it out, look at it, stare it down, analyze it and see what’s really going on. The swirling in the head technique is worthless. (Most commonly used among humankind, but worthless all the same.)
You know what emerged from that list? Drum roll, please.
Life is not ideal.
Life does not meet all our expectations.
This seems like a very elemental learning. It’s a very elemental teaching, but it is not an elemental learning.
If it were that basic we’d all be walking around happy about a day that’s not how we pictured or planned or wanted…while it was happening. But no, as grown adults, we still clench our jaw, stomp our feet, slam a wall and holler when things aren’t going our way…because apparently we didn’t LEARN that life isn’t ideal and it doesn’t meet all our expectations.
You may tell me you have this lesson learned, but let me ask you on a day when the sky couldn’t be any more grey and nothing is going as you hoped or planned. Like patience, you only know if you have it when you don’t want to have it.

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