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Double down on your strength

There is a hot debate on what you should focus on – increasing strengths or decreasing weaknesses.

I’m in favor of doubling down on our weaknesses and here’s why. If we put the same effort into a strength as we do a weakness, we’ll gain more ground with the strength than we would otherwise focusing on diminishing a weakness. It gives us momentum and encouragement more than getting rid of something that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

Am I right? I stopped biting my nails. Yay! How am I a person that bites my nails in the first place?! I feel like I’m just at square one now that I’ve put all this effort in.

The flip side is that we give that energy to boost our strength and we make more of a dent in the world. We see progress, we feel momentum. Things are happening.

Oh, and somehow the weakness diminishes too.

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