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What has stretched your capacity?

About 8 weeks after having a baby I buckled down on core rehab. (Specifically designed exercises to reunite muscles that had been separated after housing a little life.) I was following a program, or shall I say, I thought I was following the program. After 4 weeks and 14,000 reps I had progressed very little compared to where I should have been. I did a re-check to make sure I was doing everything correctly. I wasn’t.

Somehow, I had forgotten one of the exercises…the one that took 25 minutes. I was beyond frustrated.

Fast forward. My capacity stretched because I’ve somehow amalgamated 35 minutes of core rehab into every day when there “wasn’t time” to begin with.

Stretching our capacity isn’t necessarily something we’re excited or happy to do, but when we look back it sure is something to be proud of.

What has stretched your capacity recently?

One thought on “What has stretched your capacity?

  1. Incorporating acting and digesting a new module of the red carpet blueprint course I bought into my day, everyday. I figured out that by putting it as the first thing that I do… it’s never the last thing on my plate at the end of a day so it always gets done.

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