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Time and money to burn

I don’t know where this phrase came from, but seriously, it’s just not right. I’m not even going to pretend to be gentle on this subject. There’s WAY too much wrong in the world for this to be acceptable.

“Money to burn.” Really? And some people can’t afford clean water and food…or an elementary education. One word for that. SHARE. ​No, I’m not saying that it’s bad to be wealthy. Be wealthy. Be really wealthy. Then give. Give to the things that tug on your heart strings. Be a person who shares and makes a difference by doing so.

“Time to burn.” Maybe you forgot how precious time is. Or maybe you never learned.

If you find yourself in one or both of the scenarios above. Re-evaluate. Please.

One thought on “Time and money to burn

  1. I agree… I DESPISE the phrase “disposable income”!

    Same concept. Who decided that teaching people to dispose of their income as a concept, that people now consider acceptable?! What it says is I have money to “discard” or “throw away”…

    Maybe we should change the term to “pledge-able income” or “distributable income” to encourage a more positive relationship with the term and the capabilities or what that money can achieve and do.

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