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Cereal vs. milk

I can’t possibly be the only person who realizes there is a perfect amount of milk to pour on cereal. I may be among the few that declines someone else’s pouring service so I have control over this exact amount, but surely there are others who know that there is that perfect amount of milk.

It’s difficult to pour the perfect amount of milk all the time. At the end of the bowl there’s milk left. So what is a gal to do but balance out the perfection by pouring a bit more cereal in to cover for the left over milk. And, of course, it’s nearly impossible to pour the perfect amount of cereal into the remaining milk so the tug of war is on. A glorious tug of war if there ever was one!

But where does it end if not with an empty cereal box or milk carton? (And that’s not a great health move.)

Sometimes we have to stop ourselves even when there’s momentum moving us if the end isn’t where we should be.

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