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Fire retardant pajamas

I recently read a parenting book and one of the lines referred to putting my baby in fire-retardant pajamas before bed. I had never heard of such a thing. Never. I’ve talked with hundreds of moms and read umpteen parenting books and this was the first time I heard anything like it.

The same thing has happened while reading a business article. Someone states a fact like everyone in the world knows it. But me.

As adults we get out the habit of constantly learning. Remember when we were kids? EVERYTHING was learning. Let’s go back there. I think we’d be surprised at what we needed to learn.

One thought on “Fire retardant pajamas

  1. So…what are the chemicals used in the fabric of the pajamas that are then daily worn by the child and absorbed through the skin? Hmmmm….? I would surmise the risk of that affect on the health of my child to be greater than the risk of him/her catching on fire. Parenting often boils down to weighing the risk without being weighed down by fears of harm being around every corner.

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