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They laughed at me.

Last year I ordered decorative grasses for my front garden from the internet. I got a great deal and found exactly what I was looking for. They arrived on time and were just as they said they would be 4″ tall.

Please imagine with me, if you will, the front of a house with a large garden and 4 little 4″ decorative grasses planted, evenly spaced apart. If you were driving by you wouldn’t even see them. It looked like a well manicured dirt mound.

I was the laughing stock of my family because I was so sure about the success of these smaller than mini decorative grasses. (And two of them look like they died.) I stood my ground and kept saying, “just wait until next year.”

I should have a picture of them to post here, but they are HUGE, GORGEOUS and LUSH. Guess who is laughing now?!

That’s what our faith should be like. Excitedly saying, “just wait!”

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