Soul thoughts

I can do anything if I have sleep and food.

“I can do anything if I have sleep and food.” I said it out loud and thought it at least 100 times. But what if those things are taken away?

I became a Mama about 8 months ago now. On the way to being a Mama I was stripped of the two things I deemed most important during what I deemed a crucial point in time…sleep and nourishment during labor and delivery. My labor was about 48 hours – so yes, about 2 days without sleep, and I couldn’t keep food down the last 24 hours.

Here I am at the pinnacle of my womanhood trying to accomplish olympic feats without sleep and without nourishment!

I remember thinking, how on earth am I without the exact two things I said were essential?

I needed a lesson on what was essential and it came at the most unexpected time. I needed to learn that what pulls us through challenges and struggles and the deepest times aren’t external things. They may help, but when all is said and done, it’s what is inside that makes the difference.

My lesson didn’t come with options and choices. I couldn’t sleep or eat until I had her. There was no going back. So I did. And I proved to myself that I had more than I thought I had inside exactly when I needed it. She finally came into the world, naturally, and right on time as I look back…right after I learned my lesson. 😉

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