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When a personal and business dip happen simultaneously

Postpartum depression hit me about the same as if I were running headlong into a brick wall. ​It knocked the wind out of my sails in two seconds flat. My body and soul were a wreck. My thinking was cloudy and warped at best. I did have enough wits about me to tell myself, do the things Amy would do. (Always a treat to talk to ourselves in the third person. If that’s not an indication of my state, I don’t know what is.)  ​

I was in a personal slump of slumps. And my business had the momentum of a snail, or so it felt like.

What then? What happens when everything is in a mud puddle?

That friends, is when you look in the mirror and see exactly what you’re made of.

Next time you’re in a slump, look at yourself in the mirror. Really look into your own eyes and see what’s there.

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