Soul thoughts

Babies, being present and power in the moment 

Babies are only in the moment. They’re not in the past because they don’t remember, they’re not in the future because they aren’t that intelligent. They’re here in this moment. That’s why everything is intense. Intensely fun, happy and joyful or intensely unhappy, starving or tired. All they know is what is in the moment.

The great thing about being with a babe is that they bring you on their journey. They are so in the moment with no other capabilities that a caretaker is forced to be on their journey too. It’s a beautiful thing. And more so when a caretaker delights to be on the journey rather than being present forcefully.

What would it look like if adults lived intensely in each moment? Focus on the very thing happening now…Not yesterday’s turmoil, not this morning’s conversation, not tomorrow’s dinner plans, but focusing on the person or work in front of them.

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