Soul thoughts

Courageous conversations

Some of us have gotten weary and worn out and have decided to back out of conversations and situations that require us to be who we are, stand our ground, and maybe even defend our person, thoughts and actions. It takes a lot of energy to engage in these kinds of interactions. Maybe we’ve thought it best to be quieter and not stir things up.

I’ve spent the better part of this year being quiet. I didn’t have the strength, energy or clarity of mind to state much of anything with confidence, let alone defend what came out of my mouth if it didn’t suit the hearer. (New babe, sleep deprivation and post partum can shake things up a bit.) In my silence I learned a lot about myself and others.

I find myself shedding my silence shell with the arrival of more sleep. I’ve also found myself having more courageous conversations. I’m better for it and so are others around me.

If you find yourself hiding out in a quiet shell, I am going to challenge it and say that you aren’t living authentically.

Get your brave on.

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