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Your back won’t hurt forever

When I’m traveling through airports I carry my daughter in a “wrap” or formal carrier of some kind. We both love it. I’m mobile and hands-free. She’s seeing everything from my vantage point and loves engaging with people.

I was standing in line at Starbucks at the airport and the gentleman in line next to me said sweetly, “your back won’t always hurt. I promise.”

What a way to start a conversation!

And he was spot on. I was just thinking earlier in the day how often my back hurts from lack of proper strengthening and care and improper bends, holds, pickups, putdowns and carries.

I was encouraged to know that short term improper use doesn’t mean long term damage.

Which is good because there are a lot of us doing a lot of things that can be considered ill-advised in many areas of life. It’s likely we won’t incur long term damage by doing them. We have to keep them as short-term though. 😉

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