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Don’t bother trying to convince her

Dale Carnegie said, “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

I watched an interaction between friends where there was cause for one friend to convince the other of a better line of reasoning. They started down the path and stopped when they realized that pursuing the conversation would be an attempt to convince the other party. Wise.

How many times do conflicts erupt because we are trying to convince someone who refuses to change their mind? If it’s not a matter of life or death in that moment, let it go. Revisit the conversation and hope to gain more traction in the next one. Sometimes people just need a little time to marinade on a new idea before adopting it.

One thought on “Don’t bother trying to convince her

  1. Amy,
    I carry a copy of Isssc Asiminov’s Essay titled “The Relativity of Wrong” in my briefcase
    to remind me that truth and interpretation depend so much on world view and context.
    Thanks for the reminder. Can our objective in every conversation be about enhancing learning and understanding. Thanks so much for the reminder,

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