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He lied to me.

I interviewed someone on the phone this week.

It was a definite no (from my end) at first “hello.”

I called, he answered. I said, “this is Amy with Givily, how are you today?”

He said, “oh hi, doing fine. what’s up?” (As in, what can I help you with? What do you need? I wasn’t expecting your call. That kind of tone.)

I said, “is this still a good time to talk about the position with Givily?”

He said, “uh, yeah, sure.”

The conversation went on and then he said he needed to go and would call back in 20 minutes. I knew he wouldn’t call back. He didn’t. He didn’t text. Didn’t email. Nothing. He just lied.

Here’s the part that gets me. He didn’t have to. He could have said, “I don’t think I’m interested in the position you have anymore.” Done. Conversation over. All good. Instead he lied.

Don’t lie. Say what you mean. It’s not that difficult.

One thought on “He lied to me.

  1. Amy, OK. What could you have asked him early on that would have eliminated the charade? What would have happened and how would you have felt about it. Is your objective to fill the role or fill the role with the ideal “all in person”. When did you know that they weren’t the right person that wanted to be in the position as much or more than you want to fill it? You are on a special path so no need to settle for those who don’t want to be a part and come along. Sorry, taking a break from my own research and path. My best, Bruce


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