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I cut it a bit too close at the airport.

I cut it a bit too close at the airport.

I showed up at the ticket counter and they had already closed checkin availability because the doors closed in 6 minutes. They reopened them in hopes that I *might* make it.

It was going to be tight.

She handed me my ticket and said, “good luck.”

Sprint #1 to TSA Pre-Check.
Sprint #2 to my gate.

I made it!

Did I look graceful? Nope! But that wasn’t the point. As I sat in my seat it didn’t matter how I got there.

Everyone else on the plane could have strolled in at a snail’s pace without an ounce of stress, but there we were on the same plane.

I’m learning to embrace MY journey for what it is. (Not just on the airplane, but through all of life.) My journey isn’t going to look like anyone else’s.

Your journey is going to be unique. Let it be.

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