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Go ahead, tell me what I’m not good at.

I’m part of a very small group of people that meet together weekly with the sole purpose of helping one another move forward in life and business.

We are trying something new.

We have each submitted one thing about each person in the group we think is the best thing for them to work on. In other words, what do they need the most work on? What would help them level up the fastest? Where are they weakest?

I now have a list of 3 things others in the group think are the most important things for me to work on. The group will collectively decide which of the three I’ll focus on over the next 90 days when we arrive at our next call. In addition, they will brainstorm and craft a plan for me to improve in that area.

All of this seems well and fine, but let me tell you the emotion of it all!

Imagine, sitting down and writing to tell your friend where he/she needs work. Do it again for another friend, and yet again for a third!

Or how about opening an email you know contains information on three areas you’re not thriving in. No, they aren’t going to say you suck, but this is really close to it.

What are those areas?
Are you aware?
Are you afraid?
Are you surprised?
Are you grateful?
Are you defensive?

Having spent 3+ years with this group, this is all out of love and care for the others in the group and I have no doubt it will be a stretching and wonderful experience.

If you have a small group of friends you can try this exercise with, try it. Make it serious and give it a whirl!

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