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How you know if you’re having an identity crisis

You might be having an identity crisis if you’ve thought…

Who am I?
What am I supposed to be doing with my life?
Am I enough to do that?
Why can’t I be like _______?

If these questions cross your mind, kill the self-deception and acknowledge your identity crisis. I’m being dramatic with the “crisis” lingo, but it’s fair to say if you’re asking these questions, you’re not exactly squared away with your identity.

I go through periodic identity crisis. I’d like to say I’ve got it all figured out, but I’m a lump of clay still getting shaped for this journey so I still have some moments of wonder. The “am I really enough to accomplish this?” kind of questions still pop in my head.

When those questions come, write them down and schedule a journaling/thinking date with yourself to let those ideas play. It’s amazing what comes when we let these thoughts have the freedom to run around untethered.

May you learn to relish the identity crisis as a much-needed tool of growth.

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