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The best reply to a sales email

Please note: If you are in sales and send cold emails, warm emails, mass emails, or whatever else kind of email you may send, it is important to respond when someone answers one of those sales emails. Isn’t that why you sent the email in the first place? To get a response?

I recently received an amazing email. I was looking for the exact service and niche this email talked about. I was ecstatic! Yes! PLEASE I’d love to get on a sales call with you! Please sell me what you have!

I quickly replied and suggested a day and time I was available to talk.

He never replied. Not yet anyway. It has been a week.

This was a huge lost opportunity! I was looking for this service, I just so happened to get in on a mass email about this AND REPLIED.

As cold leads go, I was as hot as they come. But not anymore.

There could be 23 reasons I didn’t receive a response back from him. Maybe several were legitimate. But I don’t know the reasons and they aren’t legitimate to me.

He missed a sale.

The real point of all of this is to sharpen your own lead generation and sales emails. Don’t leave anyone hanging.

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