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The time in between execution and results

I made strawberry jam the other night. Pectin can be a funny thing, and the biggest stress of making jam is waiting to see if it “set.” Did the pectin work?

Pick the strawberries, hull the strawberries, mash the strawberries, cook the pectin, mix the pectin in the strawberries and stir for exactly one minute. After that, immediately get the hot jam into jars. And wait.

Did it set? Did the pectin work? Jiggle a jar to see if it’s starting to set.

YES! It set! Jam success!

At least with strawberry jam there’s a short feedback loop and it’s obvious. Not so with many other areas of life. Was that conversation effective? Did that book change me? Did I really overcome that struggle?

Sometimes it takes weeks and months to see the change show up in our lives. Be patient. Make the “strawberry jam” even if you’re not sure it will set for a long time. It almost always sets and is worth the effort.

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