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Who is the person you’d run back for?

I’m not talking a burning house or anything desperate like that.

I’m talking about hopping in your car to leave the party and you have to stop the car, run back and hug or kiss that person one more time. I’m talking about getting dropped off at the airport and heading toward the security line only to be overtaken with the burning desire to reconnect immediately with the person who just dropped you off, that you turn around and run back after them.

I hope you have people in your life you’d run back for. If not, get them. At least one.

Once you have them, actually run back for them.

We lose our practicality as adults; it takes too much time, I’ll see them tomorrow, next week, next month. We just hugged. Other people are waiting on me. I’ll look silly. No, I’m fine.

Be ridiculous. Run back after the ones you love if the mood hits you.

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