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You know who I “put up with?”

While on a date with my little girl babe, another little girl spotted us. Her dad gave her permission to socialize with us and she scurried over. She was delightful. Nora is 4 years old, a twin, she played outside today, went to camp, likes my shoes, she picked out her shoes…you get the picture. She was a sweet little lady. She made comments and asked questions. She was truly delightful.

After a little while her dad came over to get her, made pleasantries, and as he was leaving said, “thanks for putting up with her.”

My heart dropped. And then broke.

I didn’t put up with her. She was delightful! Could he not see that? Does he not appreciate her?

And what she heard her own dad say is that she’s tolerable. Not desirable, not enjoyable, not appreciated, but tolerated.

No wonder she wanted to talk with strangers.

Be careful what you say. You’re shaping someone’s perception of themselves.

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