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I said IMPROVE memory! Not cope with it!

I was googling how to improve memory the other day, and was surprised at how many articles were coping techniques for having a bad memory.

Improving memory doesn’t mean writing a list for everything!

I want to IMPROVE my memory, not figure out how to live successfully with a bad memory!

A good reminder that google doesn’t always produce the results we’re after. Google is right most of the time, but read with care and be attentive.

Did Google actually give you relevant content for your exact question?

Happy searching!

One thought on “I said IMPROVE memory! Not cope with it!

  1. Did you figure out if memory *could be* improved? Or do we each have a finite capacity for memory making (and retrieving) based on the synapses we formed when we were young and using our brains? Maybe need to narrow your focus when you make your query. You want to remember more (?) you want to remember better (?) what do you mean by improve?

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