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Delete, cancel, unsubscribe, no thank you.

I recently unsubscribed from a ton of emails. Emails I wanted to receive, thought I would read, and would be good for me to read. Day after day, week after week I deleted the emails because they weren’t that much of a priority to read with everything else on my plate.

So why did I let the emails continue to come? Why did I waste the mental energy seeing it come in, wince because I wondered when I could make time to read it, only to delete it time and again?

I kept hoping I would get to it. And then the pull of that got to be silly, and a waste of energy.

I have had the most enjoyable inbox the last two weeks because I unsubscribed from so many emails. There’s no more pull.

Will I miss info? Yes. Will it be there when I need it and it’s a priority? Yes.

Do I believe I’ll have all the information I need at just the right time to make the decisions I need to make them? Absolutely. I trust that more than ever, and it’s downright freeing.

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