We’re all fighters

Life is tough. Sure, maybe your life isn’t tough this minute on this day, but there’s a lot of tough stuff that happens during the course of our life.

It’s a wonderful thing we’re all not curled up in the fetal position laying in the corner of our living room because of the tough stuff we’ve had to go through.

If you’ve lost a loved one, that’s tough. (Not to dishonor or make light of it by using “tough.”)
If you’ve struggled to sleep, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with sickness, pain, broken or sprain, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with school, tests, grades, fitting in, sports, or being bullied, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with eating, not eating, wondering what you should eat, when and how much, and why you ate, that’s tough.
If you’ve struggled with relationships, communication, feeling disconnected, worthless, useless or vulnerable, that’s tough.
If you’ve had to cut down a tree in your front yard and haul the brush, that’s tough.
If you’ve planted a garden and hoed it by hand, that’s tough.
If your car breaks and you’re underneath it for 3 hours, that’s tough.

Varying degrees of toughness, but you get the idea.

Life is full of not-easy, not-enjoyable stuff. A lot of it is downright painful.

But we’re here. You’re here. You’ve got internet service or Verizon reception, apparently.
You aren’t in Syria.
You probably have running water and food, which is more than a lot of the world can say.
There are probably one or two people who like to see your face every day.

Give yourself a break. Realize all the fight you’ve given to be in the place you are today in relatively good standing. Recognize the fight left in you. You’ll need it. There’s more tough stuff to maneuver through.

And when you pass that stranger today, please smile. They’re going through their tough thing right now, and could really use your smile to reassure them that they’ve got this.


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