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Go ahead, wear that shirt again.

Somewhere along the way, regardless of actual dirtiness or smell, we decided we could only wear a shirt for a day and then it went in the wash.

I wore this today. Into the laundry!

No matter that we might have worn the shirt outside for 3 hours while sitting in a chair talking with a friend. Tell me, how dirty could that shirt possibly get?

It makes me wonder how much waste we’re producing, all because of habit.

Recently I wore a shirt for 36 hours because I wanted to. It wasn’t dirty and it didn’t smell. The reason this post came into existence is because I felt rebellious wearing it for so long! But why? Habit. Societal norms.

I’m not propagating wearing clothes for days and days, being dirty, gross and smelly. Not at all. I love clean stuff. I love it when people smell good. And I surely love the smell of clean laundry and folding fresh towels from the dryer!

It’s just amazing where societal norms creep into our lives.

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