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I really dig aversion. In some ways.

When I see it pop up in my life, it’s a hot spot to understand myself better.

What am I avoiding? Why?
Why am I procrastinating?
Why am I not rushing at this?

One of the most interesting insights came after a two year joust with aversion.

There was a particular method of lead generation I was feeling “meh” about. For two years. I would do it, not do it, talk about doing it, dance around it, pay someone else to do it, AND THEN.

Bouncing the topic and thoughts off a trusted group of peers, fielding pointed questions, and low and behold, I uncover that it was actually an ineffective method from the beginning, masking itself as productive because I was ever-lovin’ busy while doing it.

Something inside me knew it was a waste of time because it didn’t yield the right kind of results, but sometimes those things are hard to see when we’re in motion.

Thank goodness for aversion! Next time you’re avoiding something, pause and dig in on it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

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