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Be forged.

Have you ever watched a wonderful idea die? It’s painful.

I recently had a front row seat to the death of an amazing business idea. UH-MAZING.

They’re “tired.” They’re “putting it on the back burner.”

You’re WHAT????

And all of me wants to get in their face and tell them to suck it up and press on, but it’s useless. It’s too hard and they want to bow out. Which means that they really aren’t worthy of owning and running this beast of an idea anyway.

The champion is forged in the fight. The trenches and struggles are a rite of passage to grand things.

I’ve been building a business for over 4 years now. Some of you know that, some of you don’t, some think I must putter around with it a few hours a week, some assume it’s a hobby, and some still think it’s volunteer work for charities.

Nope, for 4 years I’ve been working more than full time to build a successful software company that will change the way companies and their communities engage by maximizing each donation transaction. Not a hobby, folks. Not.A.Hobby. It’s a real live software company with national brand clients.

Now this all sounds nice except for the fact that for 3 years I was embarrassed that I wasn’t “farther along.” But I get it now.

Champions are built in the fight.

I had to be forged.

And I’m so glad I’ve stayed in the fight.

I don’t know what fight you’re in right now. Cancer? Weight loss? Consistently reading? Waking up early? Being vulnerable? Being disciplined?

STAY in the fight. Be forged. Get to the other side. There IS another side.


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