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Does your goal setting need a recipe change?

After my 2016 update a couple of people reached out to me about my reference to goal setting.

As a reminder, “I turned my back on all fundamental practices of setting goals the last 6 months, embraced how I’m wired, and accomplished more in the last 6 months than in the last 2 years combined.”

What did this really mean?
What did I do?

So, here’s my response in raw form, in hopes someone else can benefit from what I learned about myself and implemented…

A general list of “rules to goal setting…”

Time bound

All those words make me want to run the other way, but they’re the common foundation for goal setting in just about every book I’ve ever read.

I spent years trying to work this, fit this, cajole this, manipulate it – anything. It never worked, and I realized why in the last few months.

All those words make me feel restricted. It’s a personality thing, I’m sure. I’m one of these visionary achiever types and it shows up on every stinking personality assessment I take. All well and good, until I came to goals and goal setting. Measurable? Specific? Reasonable? Those words make me die.

I wanted goals to aim at and chase after.

I sat down one day and I thought – well, what would drive me to achieve more? A limitless top.

That was it for me.

Not a goal about reaching $50k in revenue this month, or getting 200 leads. No, those numbers immediately made me feel hemmed in even if they were lofty. I felt the cap.

I changed the wording on my goals to “how much money can I generate in the next 90 days with Givily?” ” how many leads can I generate with Givily in the next 90 days with Givily?”

My brain went nuts! I had (have) ideas left and right. I’m energized. I feel empowered. I feel creative. I feel unleashed.

I’m a visionary. I need to feed off that, even while operating within a goal structure.

I’m an achiever so I have no problem chasing something down – it’s more about getting specific on WHAT I’m chasing down. So that’s what I think “goal setting” does best for me.

The greatest value in structured goal setting is to keep my focus on 2-4 things during a given sprint. Goal setting helps me make smarter decisions because my priorities are clear.

Honestly, I feel like I found the key for my personality types. If I ran into a high achiever, or someone that was more visionary, I’d direct them this way, especially if they’re already disciplined about work and productivity.

Feeling like there was a limitless top to what I could accomplish in my sprint was invigorating.

The other piece that coincides is that I realized at the beginning of starting Givily vision drove me. I was excited, passionate, and felt unstoppable. Then I learned more, got educated, found myself around more detailed people, spreadsheets, talked more about lead conversions and numbers, and started to let “process” drive me. I can do process all day long. It’s important and needed, but it can’t dominate me. It had for the last 3 years. It’s a subtle shift and hard to articulate. I’ll try though. (apologies for how long this is!)

When I brainstorm what I should do about getting more leads for Givily…vision leads me to “Amy-type” places – hand written cards to CEOs, phone calls, hiring people on Fiverr to write songs, transparent emails, etc. “Process” takes me to places of things I’ve read and learned; take notes on a sales call, start a funnel, write content, run Facebook ads. All are great. Funnels, content notes and ads are needed, but if I FOCUS there, I lose the vision, feel hemmed in and put myself in places where I’m not my best.

I would be on sales calls and want so badly to just talk and be me and build the relationship, and I would hear echoes of people saying, take notes! you’ll need to remember later! how will you get better! record the calls! listen to the calls! have a repeatable system/script! I TRIED. For way too long. It just wasn’t working. I was sacrificing who I am, and what I’m good at to try to fit the books. And yeah, if I could get all the notes for a call to refer back to later, that would be great, but not at the expense of me just shucking and jiving with someone.

The short answer is that I understood more of myself and how I’m wired, embraced that, and realized how to use my personality to manipulate goal setting in a way that motivates how I’m wired.

It’s not a recipe for success for 75% of the people on the planet, but it could be a key for other high achievers.

If I were you, I would take the clarity that I had about myself and try to carry that over to goal setting. Forget what everyone says you “should” do and see what would resonate initially with YOU. If it’s not effective, add in pieces of what we know about successful goal setting to get your perfect recipe of goal setting.”

Do you need a new recipe to your goal setting? xoxo

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