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Willpower’s limitation

We have a finite supply of willpower every day.

If you’re wondering about willpower, let me give a quick list of what willpower governs:
Decision making

…The majority of what propels us through the day.

If you try on 4 outfits in the morning before work before making a final decision you are using up some of your decision-making quota for the day.
Standing in front of a menu and sorting through yes and no options for every item on the list?
Deciding which way you want to drive to work today?
Debating if you should attend that retirement party?
Trying to figure out when you should grocery shop this week?

Sadly, none of these things we use willpower for move us forward in life. This is why some extremely successful people buy 15 black t-shirts and 15 pair of jeans so they don’t have to think about what they’re wearing. They know that those 7 decisions could be used better elsewhere.

Many people don’t need to be so conservative with their willpower as this post might suggest, but if you find yourself pursuing some lofty goals and want to increase your productivity, you’ll want to automate more things so you don’t waste this finite resource.

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