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How old will you be in 10 years? And your baby? And your Mom?

I recently created a chart to get a different perspective of my age in 10, 15 and 20 years, along with the age of my parents and kids.

Having these numbers side by side changed me.

I came to the stark reality that I have about a 10 year window when the people in these groups are highly mobile and extremely available. People in retirement are usually available, but not always as mobile and agile as they once were. People in school are mobile and agile, but growingly less available as the years go on.

Right now, the window of 10 that I’m in is prime for family adventures.

Maybe this saddens some of you, which I’ve had waves of, of course, but it makes me happy to know this now, to recognize it and make the most of every day, week, month and year!

I have a lot on my plate, but a few things just got re-prioritized. Reality has a tendency to do that. I hope you do this little exercise and experience reality in a different way.

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