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I saw an advertisement for a non-artificial Christmas tree drop off. I did a double take and walked through the advertisement word by word again.

Wait, non-artificial. Isn’t that just a real Christmas tree?

Yes. yes, it is.

This is one of those pieces of advertising that accommodates the illogical folks of the world.

If the advertisement said, “real Christmas tree drop off,” a logical person would understand this to mean a live Christmas that you’re ready to get rid of. An illogical person might think, “well, my artificial Christmas tree is ready for the dump and they said real trees. This is as real as any Christmas tree!”

“Non-artificial” declares what the tree is not, more than what it is.

Although it might work for a Christmas tree advertisement, declaring that your business or idea is not _______ rather than what it is, is usually not advantageous.

Stick with what is.

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