Soul thoughts

Never too much thanks

For years I played the piano with no emotion. I followed the notes, followed the dynamics, slowed at appropriate times, and sped up. I played things correctly, but it sounded lifeless.

I remember my piano teacher trying to get me to move with the music, but I didn’t get it. Until I did.

I don’t remember the piece of music, but it touched me and the more I played, the more I anchored into the emotion of the music until I was playing something that was technically beautiful AND very much alive.

Life can be a lot like this too – we go through the motions and look like we’re doing it correctly, but we’re lifeless inside. Then one day, someone or something wakes us up and we’re never the same.

If someone brought that gift to your life, I hope you’ve expressed appreciation for that recently. If not, it’s time.

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