Just for the heck of it

When was the last time you did the limbo?

I worked on my limbo skills today. Or rather, I attempted to do the limbo and realized how little skill I possess.

In my attempt at a quick hack on how to improve my lack of skills, I googled “best limbo techniques” and was met with a video of a girl limboing under A CAR. Okay, folks, I’m working on getting under a 1″ dowel rod and struggling. And her… A CAR. Sheesh.

She practices limboing for multiple hours a day so I’ll give it to her.

My challenge to you this week is to have a limbo party. I’m 100% serious. Kids will love it and think you’re outrageously cool for suggesting it. In addition, this might be the most hilarious thing you’ve done with your friends in years.

Hop to it now. Or rather, limbo to it now.

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