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The most expensive nap I ever had

College was full on. I took 18-21 credits a semester and played a sport.

I remember being painfully tired and taking 4-minute power naps between classes. (Three cheers for learning the greatness of a power nap!)

One particular day 4 minutes wasn’t going to cut my exhaustion and I skipped class to sleep. To some of you, this was a regular occurrence, but others will appreciate my diligence. I rarely skipped class, and it certainly wasn’t to sleep. This time it was though.

I’d like to tell you it was the most restful 45-minute nap, but it wasn’t. What I remember to this day is that during that 45-minute interval I calculated how much each class cost me based on the credit hours and the number of actual classes we had that semester.


I never forgot.

I think I managed to get a 20+ minute nap.

I never slept through another class.

What was your most expensive nap?

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