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Cancer and joyful in the same sentence

A woman I know reminds me of the cat with nine lives. She’s had more crazy things than a dozen people put together. She’s still alive, and not just alive, but JOYFUL. Every time i see her she’s smiling from ear to ear, she’s laughing about something. I don’t know about you, but cancer and joyful don’t naturally fit into one sentence for me. They do for her.

She’s joyful. That’s her vibe in life.

Makes me wonder. What’s your vibe in life? What’s mine?

Do we constantly see the joy in the world? Find it in all the nooks and crannies?

Maybe our vibe is sadness and we see that everywhere.
Maybe our vibe is knowledge and we see all there is to learn everywhere we look.
Maybe our vibe is adventure and we view the world as one expedition after another.
Maybe our vibe is bitterness.
Maybe our vibe is anger.
Maybe our vibe is frustration.

If you had to fill in the blank, what’s your vibe?

One word.

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