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“Let’s have a talk”

The words of my two-year old when she wants us to get a few things ironed out.

She makes sure we’re eye to eye, really close, and alternates between holding my face in her hands and taking a step back to point at me as she gets her point across with gusto.

“I’m so sorry, Mama. That was my fault,” was the line that struck me today.

She’s a two-year old so she often comes in full throttle with her thoughts and feelings, but when she’s wrong and she’s sorry, she does that with guns blazing too.

Comparing that to most adults, we might admit we’re wrong, but we usually downplay it. “My bad.” “That’s on me.” “I messed up.” “I guess I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do.”

There’s something refreshing about, “I’m sorry. That is my fault. I won’t do it again.”

Do you admit to being/doing wrong?
What do you say? 

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