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The “worst” moments are the ones worth telling.

Everyone wants a perfect wedding. No one is hoping for unplanned bloopers. Ironically, the best stories to tell after a wedding are the stories about the bloopers.

I had a beautiful wedding; perfect weather, fabulous photos, great food, but somehow, I ended up walking down the aisle in silence. No music. Just, well, just me and Papa walking down the aisle. It was epic.

We had a gorgeous fruit board at our wedding but I never talk about that. The fun story to tell is that I walked down the aisle in silence, which would have been horrifying to think of the day prior to my wedding.

Life is full of these moments that seem to go awry, but those are the ones of which we tell our stories.

Next time that “worst” moment of the event happens – just remember, you’ve got your story now.


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