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A great wedding story

I’ve played the piano for countless weddings and funerals. A lot of them blend together, but a few stand out.

One particular wedding ceremony I looked up to see window decorations catch fire across the room from where I’m playing.

Now, this is an interesting predicament. It’s a sacred and quiet tone to the room, the sanctuary is filling up, and I’m playing prelude music.

At this moment, when I spot the decorations on fire, one might think – WHY DIDN’T YOU GO PUT THE FIRE OUT AS SOON AS YOU SAW IT?!

There’s nothing like the pianist quitting, dashing across the room to a pile of flames to upset the mood and draw heaps of attention to the burning decorations.

If I choose to leave my post, I’m going to jack up the whole mood of the wedding. I better be really sure about this move.

There aren’t many seconds in between the fire spotting and needing to make a decision about dashing across the room. Maybe 7 seconds. Maybe 6. Thankfully, someone else spotted it nearby and took action.

And most people never knew…because the pianist remained steadfast. 😉


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