Soul thoughts

Prolonging Christmas

I still have my Christmas tree up.

It’s a Win-Tree now. (As in “Winter tree.”)

My living room looks so lovely with the lights of the Christmas tree and I haven’t wanted to take it down. Hello, I live in the northeast and sunshine is a bit sparse this time of year.

Someone asked if it was going to become a Valentine’s Day tree. Uh, nope. Just sticking with the Win-Tree.

For how much we all gear up and adore Christmas decorations and festivities, I’m truly surprised at how quickly it disappears with the word January.

Maybe it’s all a bit gluttonous and that’s our turnoff. We overindulge in, well, everything around the holidays, and can’t handle the thought of it continuing for another three months.

If you love your Christmas Tree (and if it’s artificial) would you consider keeping it up an extra couple of months?


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