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Fostering interests

I’m taking my daughter on a field trip to the local animal hospital.

She loves animals, and unexpectedly, has a magnetism to their ailments. I started to question the tenor around our house when every stuffed animal and baby doll was ALWAYS ill and needing medical attention then I realized that she’s seemingly wired for care-taking and it’s not fun to take care of someone who is healthy. Hence the ill “kids” and animals.

So we will nurture this side of her and see if anything more comes of it.

It’s easy to foster a spark in others.

Do we foster the sparks we know in ourselves though?

I’m guilty. There are a couple things that spark my soul that I haven’t nurtured. And why not? Probably the same reasons you haven’t nurtured the things that spark your soul that have remained dormant.

That’s about to change for me, and I hope it is for you too.

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